Once In a Blue Moon

February 8, 2004

It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while Google goes down. Or more specifically the Google APIs no longer work as expected. This causes a problem for those of us using Movable Type’s MTGoogleSearch because when Google is having this problem we can no longer rebuild our pages. Which can be frustrating. Even […]

Google Guide

January 3, 2004

Google Guide: Interactive Online Tutorial on Searching with Google(tm) is the single best resource for understanding everything there is to know about Google. I thought I knew Google pretty well but after skimming through the guide I found a few new things to put into my searching repertoire, like proximity searching. Keywords are the lifeblood […]

Google Buys Microsoft!

December 14, 2003

[UPDATE: I’ve deleted the code for the button since McAfee now flags this as Exploit-URLSpoof and it is constantly removing this entry page!] Read all about it here (Go ahead and click the button, it’s safe). Once you’ve done so check out Don Park’s Spoofing for Dummies for an explanation of what you saw, if […]

Using Google

June 10, 2003

Elwyn Jenkins of Microdoc News has been in great form lately as he continues to explore the use of Google and the ongoing changes within the weblog and searching world. In The New Librarians: Google Inc’s Free Labor Dr. Jenkins addresses the idea that others have espoused that Google results are somehow less accurate because […]

Being Cautious of Big Brother

May 7, 2003

In response to the article I wrote commenting on his absence from blogging, Deane writes: It all comes back to the fact that I was sticking a LOT of opinions out there and Google isn’t very forgetful. There are situations where you just can’t stick the toothpaste back in the tube. Once you publish, it […]

Google Buys Blogger, Begets Bloogle?

February 16, 2003

[via Brad Choate] According to Dan Gillmor, Google has purchased Pyra Labs, the company behind Blogger and some say the weblog revolution. From the article: Part of that vision, shared by other blogging pioneers, has been to help democratize the creation and flow of news in a world where giant companies control so much of […]

Thinking About Google

January 26, 2003

Robert’s comment on my article about Google search results (I’m still #1) got me to spend a little time this morning Googling around about Google. Here are some interesting links I found. On the page that Robert linked to (which is a page for all articles in his Google category – I also do that) […]