Mini Technology Review – Microsoft Windows 7

October 25, 2009
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I went on a technology bender this week and invested in a number of new gadgets and software. Here are some first impressions of my second purchase, Microsoft Windows 7: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium I took advantage of buying Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade early on Amazon and they setup the shipping such […]

Microsoft Giveaway

March 11, 2004

Microsoft has been shipping out free copies of Microsoft Office and OneNote and the Army isn’t happy. Army to Gates: Halt the free software says that the Army considers these gifts “places our employees and soldiers in jeopardy of unknowingly committing a violation of the ethics rules and regulations to which they have taken an […]

Google Buys Microsoft!

December 14, 2003

[UPDATE: I’ve deleted the code for the button since McAfee now flags this as Exploit-URLSpoof and it is constantly removing this entry page!] Read all about it here (Go ahead and click the button, it’s safe). Once you’ve done so check out Don Park’s Spoofing for Dummies for an explanation of what you saw, if […]

A Couple of Weblog Thoughts

May 13, 2003

The ComputerWorld story Blogs play a role in homeland security [via Sam Ruby] is fairly light fluff, but it’s an interesting sign of things to come. We continue to see stories on enterprise weblogging and it’s particularly interesting to see it associated with a major buzzword like homeland security. Can’t disagree with this quote: Weblogs […]

MSN Skewed Search Results

May 1, 2003

Microdoc News asks 13 different search engines What is the best search engine? Not surprisingly, almost all respond with “Google.” Also not surprisingly, MSN responds with “MSN.” One hopes that it’s just a problem with their ranking algorithms but more likely it is as Microdoc News surmises – that Microsoft is fiddling with the results […]

Microsoft Technical Support

February 21, 2003

I used to run a Technical Support organization for a mid-sized software company. Working in Support can at times be a thankless job. You make all of the margin but someone else spends it. The developers look down at you. Hell, even QA treats you as second class citizens. Thank God for IT. But working […]

SQL Server Worm

January 25, 2003

From Slashdot: defile writes “Since about midnight EST almost every host on the internet has been receiving a 376 byte UDP payload on port ms-sql-m (1434) from a random infected server. Reports of some hosts receiving 10 per minute or more. is reporting UUNet and Internap are being hit very hard. This is the […]