Building a page from scratch

November 22, 2003

I really like Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards from A List Apart. I hope to apply this process to my own site one of the days. The basic process for the retooling was as follows: Strip out all non-essential tags. Add semantic markup. Group data in boxes. Add layout markup. Apply unique style attributes. My […]

Redesign for Jakob Nielsen

August 15, 2003

Whenever I’ve stumbled across Jakob Nielsen’s website I’ve chuckled politely to myself – here is one of the supposed leading web usability experts and his website looks like shit. I don’t expect anyone to be thrilled with my design, but that isn’t what I do for a living. You put web usability expert in […]

Redesign In Progress

February 9, 2003

So what do you do when your wife and kids are away and you have the house to yourself for the weekend? Well if you are a geek you get up at 4:00AM to do a redesign of your website. Watch your step. (note from years later – I don’t care nearly about this as […]

Tonight’s Changes

January 24, 2003

Made the following changes (improvements?) to the web log tonight: Added daily archives Now if you click on a day on the calendar rather than being brought to the first entry of the day you will be brought to a page which includes all entries for that day. The interesting thing here was that since […]

Catching Up

January 20, 2003

A lot of interesting things have been going on in the web log world that I need to get caught up with: Burningbird has spent some time documenting her Threadneedle Strategy, which describes how to maximize the use of comments, trackback, backtrack and other technology enhancements. Shelley’s web log is evolving before our eyes during […]