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Five Years Ago This Week – 8/30/2003

August 30, 2008

photo credit: takomabibelot Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago: Back to Webalizer – At the time I was switching between Sawmill and Webalizer. Of course now it’s just Google Analytics. The Dooce Effect – Demonstrating Heather Armstrong’s cool […]

Selling Books

October 26, 2004

I’m a bookaholic. And I have to buy them, I just can’t get myself to go to the library. I hate the idea of having to return a book. I don’t even like to loan them out. I’d rather just buy another copy for someone. But having moved a few times with hundreds if not […]

Amazon Search Needs Work

October 25, 2003

Everyone else is commenting on Amazon’s new Search Inside the Book feature so I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring too. First of all, it’s an incredibly ambitious project. And one that I can see will definitely be useful when working well. Which it isn’t, yet. Here’s an example. This morning I needed […]

Amazon gets it

September 2, 2003

While putting together Jonesing for a good book I decided it would be interesting to see how many books I have purchased on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In doing so I found YAEOWAR(Yet Another Example Of Why Amazon Rocks) – detailed order history. On Amazon you can view your order history by order […]