Five Years Ago This Week – 2/23/2003

February 23, 2008

photo credit: arquera Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago: The True Cost of Software Maintenance – I explored the impact of rising maintenance costs to lost corporate productivity. It was a light week. Still, I liked that article.

Easiest Bug

November 2, 2003

While on the topic of bugs I thought I’d share the easiest bug. Again this happened while I was working in Tech Support. We had a customer who was seeing data that was not accurate and the problem appeared to be a problem caused by a leap year. Once I determined the problem was most […]

The True Cost of Software Maintenance

February 23, 2003

Software is expensive. Enterprise software even more so. The licenses themselves? Sure – they are expensive. But where you can really get into trouble is in the annual maintenance you pay on your software. For most enterprise software you’ll find yourself paying 15-20% of what you spent on licenses for something usually referred to as […]


February 18, 2003

On the heels of last night’s: Movable Type 2.61 → 2.62 Comes tonight’s: ActivePerl 5.8.0 Build 804 → 5.8.0 Build 805 MySQL 3.23.53 → 3.23.55 PHP 4.3.0 → 4.3.1 phpMyAdmin 2.3.2 → 2.4.0-rc2 RealVNC 3.3.5 → 3.3.6 ArGoSoft Mail Server → MT-Textile 1.0 → 1.1 Good night.

Movable Type 2.6 Is Out

February 13, 2003

Six Apart (otherwise know as Mena and Ben Trott) has released Movable Type 2.6. Just got the upgrade working, although if you looked at my site within the last 20 minutes it probably looked sort of funky – I was having a problem getting my plugins to be recognized, and that caused things to get […]