3 Top Vacation Spots

October 15, 2011
Number Three

This is a guest post by Lisa Rollins. Looking for a new place to holiday this winter? Sick of the same old destinations you and your family have traveled to over the last few years? Break out of your rut and explore something new! Here are some travel destination ideas for your next get away. […]

Back to it

August 27, 2003

I’m back. I’m sure you missed me. Seven days out East for the four of us. First real family vacation, hopefully first of many – we had a ball. And I never checked email once (although I will admit to checking this site and deleting a porn spam comment). Here is the vacation in a […]


August 18, 2003

Heading out east with the family until the 27th – no laptop, no internet cafes, no posting. At least that is my intention.

Welcome Back

January 20, 2003

I had thought about blogging my London trip, but I guess I’m just not that hard-core yet! A few good days of business and then an evening and another full day of vacation as my wife joined me for the weekend. We enjoyed London – we got a nice little taste and will be going […]

In London

January 15, 2003

photo credit: judepics I’m in London for a few days, for the first time since 1976 – and you can hardly count that. Some early observations: “Waiter, there’s a hard boiled egg in my club sandwich.” My goodness but the taxis are huge. You could fit a small army in one. You just don’t read […]