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Q3 2003 Zeitgeist

October 5, 2003

It is that time again – another quarter has come and gone. Average hits per day: 8,110 (+158%) Average visitors per day: 469 (+41%) That small gap in August was the unfortunate combination of me being out on vacation and a power failure that outlasted my UPS. “catfish noodling” and “noodling” were the top two […]

Back to Webalizer

August 30, 2003

This great webalizer.conf file from Tristan and some performance problems I’ve been having with Sawmill has got me back to using Webalizer for web log analysis. Tristan has spent a lot of time grouping referrers and user agents and that effort will pay off in improved analysis. Recommended. 2008 UPDATE: I just use Google Analytics […]

Q2 2003 Zeitgeist

July 1, 2003

Another quarter has come and gone here at John’s Jottings. In the spirit of the Google Zeitgeist I present the Q2 2003 Zeitgeist. The data is filtered to exclude traffic coming from my internal network. Average hits per day: 3,141 (+128%) Average visitors per day: 333 (+55%)

Sawmill Web Analytics

April 29, 2003

I’m now using Sawmill exclusively for my web analysis needs. I’ve been using Webalizer for a few years and have been happy with it, but a few months ago I decided to test the waters to see what else was available for either free or very low cost and Sawmill came out on top. In […]